Capricorn Town Information



Lebowakgomo was the capital of the former non-independent black state of Lebowa. Lebowakgomo lies southeast of the Limpopo. Lebowakgomo was one of the three townships in the former state, the other two being Mahwelereng and Seshego.


Mokopane The town was established by the Voortrekkers. It is home to the Northern Ndebele speaking tribes.The Mokopane area is one of South Africa's richest agricultural areas producing wheat, tobacco, cotton, beef, maize, peanuts and citrus. The area is rich in minerals with the mining of platinum, diamonds and granite as chief mineral resources.


Polokwane is a city, it is the urban centre and capital city Limpopo. More recently, Polokwane was the site of the ANC national conference which saw Jacob Zuma take over as head of the party. This area is seen as a place of "myths and legends".


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